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Camurlim is a very picturesque village naturally set in a quiet backdrop of paddy fields with the Chapora river flowing steadily along the palm lined banks. It is located 7 kms from Mapusa city and is one of the unique hamlets of North Goa which distinctly varies in the deafening pollution of the city to the very serene and calm atmosphere that one can witness here amidst natural surroundings of hills and lush green plantation.

The name Camurlim originates from the fact that this was once a village of blacksmiths or Camara-halli although there is no sign of any such tradesman here in recent times. Camurlim is surrounded by Colvale on its east while Oxel and Siolim lie on its west. The main occupation of people here is extraction of laterite stones for construction purposes much unlike the blacksmith trade that one had heard of previously. The village is mostly populated by Catholics although there are quite a few belonging to other religions. Besides stone excavation, toddy tapping is a widely followed practice in Camurlim due to abundance of coconut palms in this village. There have been many famed Goan freedom fighters hailing from Camurlim besides other social workers also a part of this beautiful village.


People in the village are also known for their handicrafts made from coconut palm which are famous worldwide. Besides its coconut and cashew feni, it is also significant for the vast extraction of sea shells which are taken to paper mills in the northern part of Goa and specially during Christmas where people rush to buy various decorative shells. The mode of communication has improved due to advent of education and employment opportunities. The mode of transport has also made it easier to carry the traditional produce for sale in the Mapusa Friday market.

The people of the village are extremely religious and invoke their respective deities whether it is Santa Rita or Goddess Santeri or as they believe, a spirit moving about on the hill at Zontvo which has miraculous powers of healing. The different castes of people are spread out in different wards of the village although being united in the entire village domain. The village also boasts of some illustrious personalities in various walks of life. Overall, Camurlim is worth a visit amongst the tiny hamlets of North Goa.